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Groklaw is a website run by Pamela Jones ("PJ"), a paralegal in the USA. It provides news, comments and archive material on important cases relevant to software law, especially with respect to copyrights and software patents. PJ, and hence Groklaw, is a keen advocate of free software and is opposed to software patents.

Jones was director of legal research of the now-defunct Open Source Risk Management.

Groklaw and its community has helped find prior art for number of projects threatened by software patents.[1]

Specific topics covered on Groklaw

The case for software patents

Pamela Jones invited the law firm of Wolf, Greenfield & Sacks to write an article for Groklaw, defending business methods and software patents. They came up with The Arguments For Patents for Business Methods and Software-Implemented Inventions. Groklaw naturally disagrees with their position. The End Software Patents campaign mirrored this action, getting an article on the Patently-o blog: Abandoning software patents?.

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  • Note: Groklaw's date format is yy-mm-dd