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Software progress happens without patents

Not only are there studies showing that patents are blocking innovation and research, but there is also decades of proof that software progress happens without patents.


History shows that software innovation and research clearly do not need patents.

Microsoft Windows 95

Microsoft DOS and Windows 95 are two examples. In 1995, Microsoft had only 77 patents.[1]

After Microsoft attained a dominant market position, they started saying patents were necessary for software development, but they actually wrote their software before they started getting patents.


Free software such as the GNU/Linux and FreeBSD operating systems were developed without software patents.

91% of the top 500 super computers run GNU/Linux. [2]

The WWW and email

The World Wide Web is another example, and email is another.

Is Apple an example?

Apple spent many years developing the base of their system (kernel, libraries, system tools) only to throw it all away and use the equivalent components from FreeBSD. Some research would be needed to find evidence to support this, but it's likely that they patented their base system during development, so it's noteworthy that they discarded their patent-fuelled software for software whose development was fuelled not by patents but by copyright alone.


According to the 2008 Berkeley Patent Survey:

Among software companies, the results are even more striking, with them reporting that patents provide less than a "slight" incentive.


Philip Greenspun:

Why didn't you patent this yourself, if you developed it first?" My reply was "It only took me an hour to build; if I went down to the patent office after every hour of programming, I wouldn't get very much done.[3]

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