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Welcome to the End Software Patents Wiki! End Software Patents is a global initiative of the Free Software Foundation with one goal: the elimination of all software patents in the world.

ESP Wiki is a comprehensive tool for finding information about software patents with the aim of organizing a global campaign for their legislative blocking. It includes detailed arguments, campaign material, numerous resources, and extensive legal information.

ESP Wiki is an international collaborative effort fueled by volunteers. It is the best source available for campaigning against software patents. We currently have 671 pages. You can help us expand them and improve their quality.

ESP Wiki is a pool of information, not a statement of ESP's views or policies.


ESP Wiki contains all the information one needs to understand the problem of software patents. It also provides the necessary tools that you need to start influencing the public policies of your country.
General Introduction
Learn why the world should abolish software patents
Campaign Material
Take action against software patents

ESP Wiki has been the main reference point for the global campaign against software patents. It has been widely reported in media, academic journals, and public debates. Our credibility stems from the systematic documentation of our resources.
Find out what people have to say about software patents
Legal Information
Study legislations, case law, and patent office practices on software patents


Getting started
Our vast database would not be possible without volunteers like you. There are many ways to contribute to ESP Wiki. You should take a few minutes to get familiar with the basics. This is your starting point.
Why abolish software patents
Understand the goal of the ESP campaign
How to navigate the wiki
Learn how to effectively find information on software patents

With the basics covered, you are now ready to contribute to ESP Wiki! Each one of your contributions will take us closer towards our goal: the elimination of software patents. Please try to keep the style of your contributions consistent with our existent articles.
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