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Statements from UEAPME

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UEAPME is an organisation representing the interests of European crafts, trades and SMEs at European Union level. UEAPME represents over 12 million enterprises with nearly 55 million employees.[1]


[UEAPME Secretary General Hans-Werner] Müller also insisted on UEAPME’s strong opposition to software patents, which would reinforce monopolisation in the software sector and stymie innovation by small ICT businesses, ultimately acting as a barrier to progress. “The vote at the European Parliament last year clearly showed that software must stay outside the scope of patentability”, continued Mr Müller.


UEAPME is opposed to the introduction of an EU software patent, which would reinforce monopolisation in the software sector, damage interoperability and act as a barrier to innovation by SMEs. Small firms simply do not have the resources to engage in the costly and time-consuming process of patent application. This would enable dominant large firms in the sector to secure vast numbers of patents and result in crippling litigation costs, which would put small firms out of business.


Software is not a unique product but builds on from previous ideas. New developments by SMEs will be nearly impossible due to the patentability.

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