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Acacia Research Corporation

Acacia Research Corporation is often called a patent troll.

Acacia also operates via its many subsidiaries, IP Innovation LLC, or the names Acacia Technologies, or Acacia Media Technologies, among others.

Suing, losing to Red Hat and Novell

(See Acacia v. Red Hat and Novell (2010, USA))

In October 2007, Acacia filed suit against Red Hat and Novell for infringement of three software patents.[1] In 2010, Acacia lost the case and its three patents were ruled invalid.[2]

Winning against Apple

Acacia has also accused Apple of infringing its patent portfolio. Apple subsequently paid Acacia for patent licences.[3]

Companies bought by Acacia

In 2004, Acacia bought Global Patent Holding.[4] Activities of Global Patent Holding are mentioned in the 2008 State of Software Patents.

Digitech is described in a Patently-O article as being "an Acacia company".[5]

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