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Organising a campaign

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Previous and existing campaigns against software patents provide good examples for campaign organising.

Building a large consortium

1. Broad coalition

There are many categories of organisations that should be against software patents.

2. Don't try to be the owner

Most organisations don't like taking orders and don't like other people speaking on their behalf. Taking positions involves risks, so most organisations prefer to keep control of their own position on issues such as software patents.

Creating a relationship is good, and having communication channels is good. Trying to install yourself as an umbrella organisation is usually not very attractive.

Some organisations will even go as far as to refuse communication. Maybe this is because a department wants to take full credit within their organisation for the work done on this topic. Whatever the reason, remember that the important thing is to ensure that this organisation knows why and how to push for anti-swpat laws. You can do this with one-way communication tools such as websites. They can read the website, use all the info, and take all the credit.

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