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Making leaflets

Here is some info about making leaflets. Please add information, links to source code and source files that others can use as a starting point for making their own leaflets.

3-panel A4

Tex and LaTeX are notoriously bad at producing this format.

White background

Possibly the only project that uses Tex/LaTeX for this type of flyer is NetBSD:

Here's one done in OpenOffice:

Glossy, borderless

Most home/office printers can't print right to the edge of pages, so you'll almost surely have to go to a print shop to make these.

Example of a nice looking leaflet: Open Rights Group "We Protect Your Bits"

Print shops


  • (I had a good reason to add this, but I don't remember.)
  • (same as above)
  • - Good opening hours, including Saturday
  • ALL Printing Services - open til 10pm during the week. 5c per page from a file, or 4c/page if the file is more than 500 pages. 135 Boulevard Général Jacques, 1050 Ixelles, Brussels

There's one that's open on Sundays. Don't know the name but the address is (approximately) 41 Boulevard Général Jacques, 1050 Ixelles, Brussels.

Other information materials

This video is good:

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