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Computer-implemented inventions

Computer-implemented inventions (CII) is a term which is sometimes a synonym for software patents, and sometimes used with a broader definition. This term shouldn't be used. It only leads to confusion (indeed, that might be its purpose).

Ambiguous to the point of being useless

Having a meaningful conversation about "CII" is almost impossible.

Implemented by a computer?

Sometimes it can mean inventions that are implemented by a computer, such as a computer-controlled washing machine. We've no problem with patents on those sorts of devices.

Or implemented on a computer?

Sometimes it means inventions that are implemented on a computer (i.e. software).

In what might have been a slip, one of the term's promoters, the Business Software Alliance, published a study mentioning that "...we wished to define computer-implemented inventions (usually referred to as 'software patents' in United States...".[1]

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