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Eolas v. Microsoft (2004, USA)

In Eolas v. Microsoft, Microsoft was accused of infringing a software patent held by Eolas on webbrowser plugins. Microsoft lost the case in 2003 and was ordered to pay $521 million, and lost an appeal in 2004. In 2005, a court allowed a further appeal, but before this would happen, Microsoft made an undisclosed settlement with Eolas in 2007.

In 2003, the USPTO was asked to re-examine the validity of Eolas' patent. In the early stages of this re-examination, in 2004, USPTO found it invalid,[1] but in the final decision in 2005 it was found to be valid.[2]

In 2009, Eolas announced it was suing 23 other large companies based on this patent plus a new one (see Eolas v. many defendants (2009, USA)).

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