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Patent Issues with GSM 06.10
Philips is claiming intellectual property on GSM 06.10. They haven't contacted the authors of this library, but at least two large companies that wanted to integrate GSM 06.10 codecs into their products have been approached; one decided to pull their codec, another to pull just the encoder and leave the decoder. (So, apparently, at least some lawyers think the intellectual property applies only to one half of the process.)

I don't know which parts of the patent are new, or whether it would hold up in court, but of course nobody wants to go to court over an issue as small as this.

The VPIM IETF workgroup is considering using GSM 06.10. The IETF can't standardize on technology that forces its users to pay license fees. If Philips doesn't release their intellectual property for use in VPIM, we'll be wasting a lot of bandwidth with voice mail. That's not the end of the world, but it would be nice to at least ask first.[1]

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