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Gemstar ruling by UK High Court on 27 November 2009

In the Gemstar ruling, Justice Mann of the UK High Court ruled two software patents invalid.

Patent EP0969662 was ruled to contain no "technical effect".

On rejecting patent EP1377049, Justice Mann said :

The patent describes a computer taking some information, getting some input from the user, and then giving the user the information he wants. No more than that.

The decision was published 26/11/2009.

The case was appealed, but the appeal was dismissed, in that High Court agreed with Justice Mann. The appeal was dismissed 29/03/2011

Can you help? This ruling obviously needs more research - was Justice Mann creating a precedent for software or just throwing out badly drafted patents?


  • 2011-March-29: Gemstar's request for an appeal is rejected.[1]

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