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IP Watchdog

IP Watchdog is a website whose articles are mostly written by Gene Quinn. Quinn firmly believes software should be patentable. One has to be very aware of Quinn's bias if reading IP Watchdog.

For example, when internet retailer Newegg defended itself and won against yet another patent troll (this time "Soverain Software"), Quinn reported it as: "a serial patent infringer that has made a business practice of ignoring patent rights gets to use the Soverain technology for free".[1] In the same article, when arguing that Soverain Software isn't a patent troll, Quinn credits Soverain Software with having a software product with over a 1000 customers in over 25 countries, but doesn't mention that those customers were customers of a previous company. Soverain Software bought that company's software and its patents, but then sold no software and just used the patents.[2]

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