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League for Programming Freedom

League for Programming Freedom (LPF) was set up in 1989 in the USA. Their initial focus was campaigning against interface copyrights but they adopted a position against software patents in December 1990.[1]


The following are just a few of LPF's actions against software patents.

Can you help? Lots more could be found if someone would go through their newsletters 1991-1995

Active members, past and present

  • Dean Anderson, President (since 1994[2], still/again as of 2009)
  • Aubrey Jaffer, Treasurer (since before 1994[3], still/again as of 2009)
  • Rich Hilliard, Clerk (since 1994[4], still/again as of 2009)
  • Richard Stallman, director (as of 2009)
  • Chris Hofstader, director (as of 2009)
  • Noah Friedman, director (as of 2009), volunteer since 1992[5]
  • Donald Knuth - member[6]
  • Paul Rubin[7]
  • Richard P. Gabriel - spokesman in the early 90s [8]

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