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List of patents that appear invalid with reasoning

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Rules for disqualifying a patent

To add a patent to the list that is suspected to be disqualified (while we can nominate patents for disqualification, to actually disqualify a patent either the US Patent Office would have to invalidate it, or it would have to be invalidated in a United States Court of Law) it must appear to not be in compliance with one or more of the USPTO's criteria for patentability. Read the patent carefully. If it appears that the patent is not in compliance, create a page for it. Links for the patents that appear to be questionable should go at the bottom of this page, in order of patent number, and the page must include a full explanation of the reasons that the patent does not appear to be legitimate.

Remember that documenting your reasons is extremely important. An explanation of the [[

For those who are not familiar with editing a wiki, please use the Wikipedia Cheat Sheet, it contains many useful examples of things like how to make a link. For an explanation of what is patentable click here. Also all patents must have a link to either the US Patent Office page showing the patent, or if it's a patent from before the Patent system was computerized, to the Google Patents page (older Patents in the US Patent Office are stored using a variation on a TIFF file, and are not viewable by many browsers. The Patent Office web site will not allow download of the pages for viewing off-line, so use of Google Patent Search is a better option. Google Patent is here.

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Patent List (in numerical order):