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Microsoft sells patents to OIN, 2009

In 2009, Microsoft put a set of 22 patents up for sale. These were bought by Open Invention Network, through the intermediary of Allied Security Trust. The sale was announced in September 2009.

The patents in question were ones acquired "several years ago" by Microsoft from Silicon Graphics Inc (SGI).[1] These may thus be the OpenGL patents which SGI sold to Microsoft in 2002.[2]

According to Red Hat, Microsoft's sale "also used marketing materials that highlighted offensive uses of the patents against open source software, including a number of the most popular open source packages."[3]

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  • "the mechanisms the Linux industry has constructed to defend Linux are working" (a little exaggerated, and maybe not the best message to give during the month when a real solution could be worked on by submitting an anti-swpat brief for the US Supreme Court's review of Bilski)


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