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NTP v. RIM (2000, USA)

Note: RIM changed its name to BlackBerry in 2013.

NTP, inc. v. Research in Motion, 397 F. Supp. 2d 785 (E.D. Va. 2005), is a famous example of a patent troll (NTP) winning an out of court settlement of US$612 million from the company that makes Blackberry smartphones.

NTP first requested patent royalties in 2000. RIM settled in 2006. This case was a landmark in the phenomenon of investment in patent trolls[1] and may be part of the reason for the explosion of phone patent litigation which begun in early 2010.

Can you help? IIRC, this wasn't a software patent. Right?

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  1. "Patent Lawsuits Involving NPEs Over Time". "the now often-cited payment of $612 million in 2006 by NTP in its patent assertion victory over Research in Motion (the supplier of the popular Blackberry device) was a significant – but by no means exceptional – catalyst to the growth in investment in and by NPEs."