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News 2009

This is a list of links to third-party news about software patents in 2009.

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Date Article Website Related pages
2009-12-31 USPTO Awards LOL Patent To IBM Slashdot Silly patents, IBM
2009-12-29 Nokia Claims Patent Violations in Most Apple Products Slashdot Nokia, Apple
2009-12-18 Microsoft Seeks Patent On Shaming Fat Gamers Slashdot
2009-12-15 More Patents Bite the Dust Thanks to CAFC Bilski Decision InformationWeek Bilski
2009-12-12 Microsoft Invents Price-Gouging the Least Influential Slashdot
2009-11-31 Google Sued for Patent Infringement Over Chrome Courgette InformationWeek Google
2009-11-10 Bilski’s hearing and software patents Bilski v. Kappos
2009-11-10 he Bilski hearing transcript, as text Bilski v. Kappos
2009-11-06 Abandoning software patents? patently-o Bilski v. Kappos
2009-07-16 Linux Vendor Settles With Microsoft InformationWeek Microsoft
2009-04-30 Red Hat pitches software-patents-free Europe Register Red Hat, EPO EBA referral G3-08