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Oracle is a software company focused on databases.

Oracle is a licensee of Open Invention Network.[1]

Oracle bought Sun Microsystems in early 2010, including patents related to Java and the ZFS filesystem.


By Oracle

Note: despite some confused journalists, the case Oracle v. SAP (2010, USA) was not about patents, only copyright.

Against Oracle

  • Any big cases?

ATG patents acquired

In November 2010, Oracle acquired Art Technology Group, Inc. (ATG).[2] ATG holds at least the below patents. (There is no specific indication of bad intent from Oracle regarding these patents, but here's the info FWIW.) Between 2004 and 2010, ATG itself acquired Primus Knowledge Solutions, eStara, CleverSet, and InstantService.[3] Patents with these companies as "Assignee" are now also likely held by Oracle.

The USPTO database lists these patents as having "Art Technology Group" as Assignee:

  • 7,809,661 Modeling and automatic filtering/tracking real-time events using dynamic relational bayesian networks
  • 7,796,542 Method and apparatus for the prevention of unwanted calls in a callback system
  • 7,603,415 Classification of electronic messages using a hierarchy of rule sets
  • 7,466,689 Packet network based emergency backup telephone system
  • 7,461,336 System and method for automatic mapping of hypertext input fields to software components
  • 7,367,051 Automated methods and processes for establishing media streaming connections through firewalls and proxy servers and countermeasures thereto
  • 7,353,189 Flexible order structure
  • 7,315,518 Method and apparatus for the prevention of unwanted calls in a callback system
  • 6,587,849 Method and system for constructing personalized result sets
  • 6,574,790 System and method for interfacing and separating formatted content and program code
  • 6,560,717 Method and system for load balancing and management
  • 6,539,494 Internet server session backup apparatus

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