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Talk:Patent Absurdity/English

Splitting it up

I think it would be interesting to have by each dialog one of the video frames from that moment (or even the full clip covering the entire dialog). We could also have links to the person's (or scene's) or to a page covering facts about that scene. For example, for the chalkboard matrix scene, we could state where that took place and add other trivia.

Japanese translation

I've posted a Japanese translation at which also includes an English transcription that could be edited into proper English subtitles, if anyone's interested in doing so. Feel free to copy, paste, or do whatever with it. --Andrew Church

Software to use

I tried to edit subtitles with: But I can't open it :(

I recommend Gnome Subtitles. I used it for my english transcript (didn't know about this :P) and then the swedish translations. I'll post the subtitles file in the wiki article for anyone to download. --Martin Karlsson

Licence info

I've updated the transcript to include license information (during post-credits) and some of the on-screen-text. Transcript of the on-screen-text regarding the changes to the Patent Act is still missing. --Martin 12:42, 19 April 2010 (UTC)

Principal component analysis


* Can I make a comment here?
* In the English transcript "principle component analysis"
* is mentioned but I think that should be "principal component analysis".
* see:
* Not sure if I could edit that. Thank you.
Hi. The wiki is publicly editable, so you can, and you're invited to, edit all pages. But.. I can't find where it says "principle component analysis". I can find "principal component analysis". Maybe someone else already fixed this? Ciaran 12:15, 8 June 2010 (UTC)