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Talk:Symbian ruling by UK Court of Appeal on 8 October 2008

Court of Appeal, not Supreme Court

I've just changed the page to say this was a decision of the "Court of Appeal", where previously it said "Supreme Court", which is likely to be misleading.

There is a "Supreme Court of the United Kingdom", which is the highest court in the UK for most matters (though not Scots criminal law). This court has only existed since 1 October 2009.

Before that date, most of the functions of a supreme court were fulfilled by the House of Lords. At this time, the technical term "Supreme Court of Judicature" referred to all of the senior courts of England and Wales. It was not commonplace to refer to any individual court as "the Supreme Court".

It is therefore more accurate and useful, and less misleading, to say this was a judgment of the "Court of Appeal [of England and Wales]".

Thanks for the explanation. Is there something we can add in laymans terms to explain that there's no higher court? In some other systems, the "appeals court" rulings can be appealed to a higher court. If that's not case in England+Wales, then we should say something about this being the "highest" court or the court "with the highest authority"? Ciaran 20:12, 29 June 2010 (UTC)