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Template:Translate de

German original: [{{{url}}} {{{title}}}] (English translations[?]: Google, bing translator)

Documentation for template:lang de and template:translate de

If you link to a web page or document that's not in English, please add either a language template ({{lang de}}) or a translation template ({{translate de|url=URL|title=NAME}}). This informs readers and it contributes to automatically generating navigation categories and, if you used template:translate de, translation links.

There might also be a discussion page in German. Try Talk:Discuss this wiki in German.

Making new language templates

(This section is out of date)

To make a language template for the imaginary laguage "Xyzzy", which we'll imagine has the ISO 639-1 code "xy", you make a new page at, and just add one line like this:

{{language template template|Xyzzy|xy|{{{1}}}|{{{2}}}}}<noinclude>{{language template documentation|Xyzzy|xy}}</noinclude>

NOTE: Four parts of that line have to be customised by you. The English name of the language (Xyzzy) and the ISO code (xy) both appear appears twice, near mid-way and near the end.