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US government 2011 innovation survey

The US government is asking for short submissions about what's blocking innovation:

Deadline: the introductory video says "this week". This was posted Feb 9th,[1] or maybe earlier, so the deadline is Feb 16th, or maybe earlier.

Feel free to use this wiki to develop your submissions regarding of the problem of software patents.

The size limit for submissions is 2500 characters.

Draft submissions

Start your draft here. Edit this section and add a page name between [[square brackets]]

When it's done and ready for feedback, paste the text in at the end of this article. But don't wait long, the deadline is "Feb 16th or maybe earlier".

Good submissions posted on other sites:

Where to find more info

Ideas for what to highlight

  • Smart phones - millions of people can write apps, but this class of developer cannot pay any patent fees
  • Video formats - compatibility with the main formats is essential. If it's blocked by patents, your innovative software will be unusable

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  1. Feb 9th is the date that Techdirt posted their article