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Consultations from government bodies and courts

(for ongoing consultations, see Current events)

Sometimes patent offices, government bodies, seek comments from the public and courts sometimes allow third parties to submit amicus briefs.

These consultations are usually performed in a way that systematically exaggerates the influence of patent lawyers and very large organisations. Redressing this imbalance means you have to participate, and you have to get other stakeholders to participate too.

A biased sample responds (mostly lawyers)

It is important to note that consultations for setting substantial policy should probably be organised by the legislative body. If the consultation will have an effect on whether software patents are granted or upheld, then traditional separation of powers is short-circuited if a patent office is allowed to conduct the consultation.

For example, the European Patent Office makes money on patent applications it approves, not on applications it refuses. If they organise a consultation on expanding/limiting the scope for granting patents, they're susceptible to influence the consultation to produce a recommendation that patenting be expanded.

Analyses of submissions for past consultations

Consulations which ESP didn't participate in

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