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Bilski v. Kappos amicus briefs

This is a list of amicus briefs submitted for the 2009 Bilski v. Kappos case in the Supreme Court of the USA.

Please add briefs here. Analyses are also welcome, as are links to discussions of the briefs.

Briefs that discuss software prominently

Categorising the briefs

On this page, we've decided not to categorise the briefs by who they support. Such categorisation can be misleading because two briefs can easily hold opposing views but still both support the same party - "with clarifications". This is the case for the briefs of Red Hat (anti-swpat) and IEEE-USA (pro-swpat).

Regarding terminology, briefs which support "the respondant" or "affirmance" are in favour of upholding the 2008 in re Bilski CAFC ruling (albeit with clarification which might change it radically). And briefs which support "the petitioner" are briefs which want the 2008 CAFC ruling overruled.

For want of a better classification, we've categorised the briefs by their relation to's focus: software patents.

AGAINST software patents

FOR software patents

Complete list of briefs

The most complete list is at:

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