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German parliament petition against software patents

The page documents a motion which the Bundestag (German parliament) has sent to the German government calling for the problem of software patents to be tackled.


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7 June 2013: The Bundestag approves a very strong joint motion calling on the government to tackle software patents.

19 April 2013: The Bundestag approved the sending of an anti-software-patents "petition" (draft motion) to three parliamentary committees. The three committees will debate this text and propose modifications before returning a final proposal which the parliament will vote on. The vote to send the text to the committees was approved by a large majority, including the governing parties. The "Rechtsausschuss (f)" is leading in coordination with:

  • A. f. Wirtschaft und Technologie
  • A. f. Bildung, Forschung und Technikfolgenabschätzung
  • A. f. Kultur und Medien

What can we do?

  • Ask Germans to contact members of those committees to support the proposed text?

Organisations supporting the petition

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7 June 2013