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Philips is a Dutch company that lobbies for software patents. Philips is a member of Open Invention Network.

Pro-swpat lobbying

Philips lobbied for software patents during the EU software patents directive.[1][2]

Bilski amicus briefs

In 2008 and 2009, Philips submitted amicus briefs asking the courts to rule that software ideas are patenable:

Software patents held by Philips

Philips applies for more software patents at the European Patent Office (EPO) than any other European company.[3]

Philips holds a patent on a "pop-out-context-menu" (EP249293), granted by the EPO despite the EPO claiming not to grant software patents.[4]

What relation with Sisvel?

Sisvel (which enforces mp3 patents) has been described as "Philips’ licensing arm".[5] A July 2008 ruling of a Dutch court mentioned that:

Philips and others granted a licence under the patents to Audio MPEG Inc. with the authority to grant a (sub-) licence to Sisvel, which authority has been used. Philips and others also granted an irrevocable power of attorney to Sisvel to act for and on their behalf in court on account of the patents[6]

Sisvel's website's About us page says they're (now) separate.[7]

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