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Please help find these documents

As time passes, some documents disappear. Websites have disappeared, newspapers get thrown away, and some mailing lists don't have public archives. Below are documents that we are looking for but can't find. All help is appreciated.

(See also: Webpages that disappeared)

BSA 2005 SME study

In (June?) 2005, the BSA released a report that contained many findings that were useful to the anti-swpat campaigns. Does anyone have a copy of that report? Here are links that talk about it:


Mentioned here:

Here's the given URL that doesn't work:

I've emailed them (2009-11-12) asking for a copy.


Original URL:

That's no longer working. Anyone got a copy?

It's at (Mirror here and here.)


This is where the file used to be:

According to, that file contains "An example licensing proposal letter, license agreement and information about Acacia's patent portfolio".[1]

Could it be this?
I don't think so. There's no mention of patents in that document, and the Acacia in that document is "Acacia Mortgage Corporation".
I've uploaded a copy here: (Mirror here and here.) conference website

Original URL:

According to Dr Philip Leith,[2] there was a conference held on March 23rd 1998. This might have discussed the issue of software patents. The conference material was archived on a system called "pandora", but it's no longer available and it's not on

Marks & clerk poll

Original URL:

"According to Merks and Clerk report, which polled the opinion of 300 business and academic users of IP, nine in ten support the idea of a pan-European patent reform. But many agreed that the emphasis on patent reform should be based on improving patent quality, rather than speed and convenience of these processes."[1]


Original URL:

To Promote the Progress of ... Useful Arts (US pres commission, 1966)

The document is the report published based on this:

The full citation for the report seems to be either:

  • President’s Commission on the Patent System, To Promote the Progress of Useful Arts, Report to the Senate Judiciary Committee, S. Doc. No. 5, 90th Cong., 1st sess. (1967); or
  • To Promote the Progress of Useful Arts in an Age of Exploding Technology

Microsoft April 2010 PR about HTC licensing

It was about HTC paying a patent licence fee to MS for something:

(Mirror here, here, and here.)