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Webpages that disappeared

These are webpages that disappeared. Copies of these webpages are not necessarily being sought, but this list should show how much information is being lost. (See also: Please help find these documents)

FFII sites and pages

Pages for which backups have been found copy doesn't have a copy, but maybe this page is the same as

Pages with no backups

Other sites and pages

Pages for which backups have been found and 
A Spanish website. copy 
This was Florian Mueller's website where he published position papers, blogged, and published his book No Lobbyists As Such. Now exploited by a domain squatter. There's a copy on 
A website with links to relevant studies. copy 
Taken over by ad-spam in early 2004, copy 
This campaign site was changed in 2004, and bought by someone else in 2006. Here are all copies, and here's one from 2004

Pages with no backups 
The German Monopoly Commission's 2002 report which criticises software patents and EPO interpretation of EPC Art 52. Actually, I don't even know if that's the right URL. 
There might be an copy, but there was a "Data Retrieval Failure" when I tried on 2010-02-04*/