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Security, encryption and spam solution patents

Patents have held back, and continue to hold back, the fields of computer security, encryption, and spam solutions.

Spam solutions

Examples where patent holders have attacked developers of anti-spam software:


IDEA encryption

This has been held back for years but might, since some time in 2011, be patent free. Can you help? Check?


Public key cryptography

  • Elliptic Curve Cryptography is currently recommended by the NSA for future security applications[1]; however, with over 100 patents on ECC methods, deployment has been stifled by licensing problems. The NSA has licensed some patents for ECC used in national security applications, but not for general use. ECC is not only an improvement over older public key technologies (RSA, DH, ElGamal) but also the basis for a number of cutting-edge technologies, such as Identity Based Encryption, Attribute Based Encryption, three-party key agreement protocols, and many others.[2] Identity Based Encryption is separately patented by Voltage Security.[3]
  • The RSA patent held up public-key encryption by a decade.[4] The patent problems ended in September 2000.

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