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Proposed main noticebox

Adds a Hot topics banner.

==Do collapsible navboxes work?==

This one should start out collapsed:


And this one should start out expanded:

Overview pages

Notice box templates

These are my working notes. Feel free to help out!

Tip: to center a narrow box, use:

 <div style="margin-left:auto; margin-right:auto;"> ... </div>

List of Notice Box templates by function

Requests for help with content

General information

Warnings and cautions

Complex boxes

New house style mechanism

(Discussion moved to talk page.)

Create separate house styles for each functional group. Each house style to be implemented as a template, thus ensuring consistency across notices.

The basic system uses only boilerplate formatting/styling and a sub-template for content.

Oops, problem. Some notices are right aligned, others centered. Can this be shoehorned into the simple model? At present only Template:Please help causes a problem: all other helpus and info boxes are right-aligned and all warnings are centered. But things may get more complicated in due course. Maybe distinct templates for right or center is a good option? It is hard to see how anything else can work easily. But - how to use the same house style for colour etc. in both templates? A separate CSS page is the "correct" way, but is it overkill? Um.


Invocations take the form:



  • "Template:Boxtype" is the template for the type of box - info, request, etc.
  • "Template:Content" is the template for the content.

Box styles

There will be three box style types:

Category listing

The new/updated templates are added to (i.e. listed in) Category:Notice boxes.

Highlight box

Template:Highlight box is a special case. It forms a middle layer and comprise something based on:

<div style="outer stuff">{{Infobox|Recentlyupdated}} {{Helpusbox|Helpimprove}}</div>

Maintained templates

These templates have volatile content and require manual updating as the situation changes.



New Infobox invocation:



New Helpusbox invocation:

Template:Highlight box

news feed

Generic templates

These templates are steady-state and do not contain any current/changing information.


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Category:Marked for deletion



Template:Please help

Please help
(no reason given). Please answer or fix this if you can. When done, please remove this notice.


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Broken templates

These templates depend on stuff which has not been installed. They should be either fixed or deleted, but which?


Needs ParserFunctions extension and various other templates.

Template:Cite web

Needs ParserFunctions extension and various other templates.


Needs Template:pp-meta and Template:Documentation (maybe other stuff too?).

Template:See also

Needs ParserFunctions extension and Template:Documentation.

Superfluous templates

These templates are not needed and can be deleted.


Users should test stuff in the sandbox or their own user space (you can transclude any page, it doesn't need to be in the Template namespace).


Now a candidate for deletion.