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New Zealand

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The big hot topic is New Zealand Patents Bill 235. May 2013: new text might block software patents.

Patents Bill 2009 as of 2021

New Zealand no longer recognises computer software as patentable with the acceptance of Supplementary Order Paper 237, on 9 May 2013. There is a software industry petition website (now archived) documenting the advocacy and process (and intrigue - namely unethical behaviour by multinational corporations and their lawyers which, in turn, brought the NZ government minister into disrepute by association) involved. The website and those involved were thanked on the floor of NZ Parliament by the main MP advocate for the software patent ban, Claire Curran.

Patents Bill 2009 (as of 2012, still ongoing)

See also: New Zealand Patents Bill 235

Unifying examination with Australia 2012

In 2012, the government published a the Building Innovation[1] report. The only relevant mention of patents was one general statement:

Passing the Patents Bill will align our patent laws more closely with those of our trading partners and international best practice.

"aligning with trading partners" could be a euphemism for taking orders from the USA, or it could be innocuous.

Patent office decisions

The Intellectual Property Office of New Zealand (IPONZ) is responsible for examining patent applications.

In 2005, they approved an application for using a computer with an XML word-processor document, displayed with an XML Schema Definition, using software with the functionality of "parsing, modifying, reading, and creating the word-processor document".[2] [3]

To search for patents on the NZIPO website, go to their search page:

Then fill in one or more fields and go back to the top of the page and click "Submit query".

Legislative process

A "SOP" is a Supplementary Order Paper, which is an amendment.

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