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Brazilian patent office consultation 2012


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There is an equivalent page in Portuguese: consulta brasileira do escritório de patentes 2012.
For general information about the country, see Brazil.

2012 patent office consultation

Brazil's patent office has launched a consultation on the granting of software patents.

Deadline: Monday May 15th (60 days after the launch, March 16th).

Links to be checked

These pages might have useful info:


If you know of groups that are preparing submissions (for or against), please make a list here:

  • ...

How to write a good submission

See also: Examples of good amicus briefs

Ideas about the consultation

  • Does the patent office have the right (competence) to make substantial changes to the procedures?
  • Tell the patent office that the people who could be harmed, are not aware of this consultation. This consultation will attract responses from patent lawyers (saying Yes, please, approve all patents). Some large companies will also respond. Individuals and smaller companies will not be aware of this consultation. So the responses will mostly be from people who profit from patents, not from the people who would be hurt by the granting of software patents.

Arguments about software patents

About their procedures

  • Operations inside the computer should not be considered by the patent examiner.
  • Operations involving normal use of input and output devices should not be considered.
  • ...

Analysing your suggestions

Would your suggested procedures exclude software patents in these situations:

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