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Foundation for a Free Information Infrastructure

Foundation for a Free Information Infrastructure (FFII) was the most influential group in the EU software patents directive from 1999 until the directive's rejection in 2005. Software patent activism in Europe greatly decreased after 2005 but FFII maintained certain activities including the EU unitary patent and Unified Patent Court.

ESOMA (The European Software Market Association) is a daughter organisation,[1] founded by FFII in 2007.[2]

EU software patents directive 1999-2005

FFII was by far the main organiser of the popular protest which lead to the European Parliament rejecting the EU Software Patents Directive. This work involved publishing analyses, organising conferences, organising public protests, and general campaign organisation.

FFII popularised The Patented Webshop.

FFII requested and are working on the re-examination of Amazon's gift ordering patent by the European Patent Office.Can you help? This needs a date. Is it still ongoing?


Activity steadily declined after July 2005, but never stopped. Notable actions on software patents during this period include:

Challenging the Unitary Patent in Belgium, 2015

ESOMA (a daughter organisation of FFII) has submitted a challenge to the Unitary Patent at Belgium's Constitutional Court.[7]

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