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Can someone add info about the 2014 referendum?

Denmark is a signatory to the European Patent Convention and a member state of the European Union.

UPC referendum May or June 2014

On 8 May 2014, Glyn Moody mentioned that Denmark would have a referendum "in a few weeks"[1] on whether to join the Unified Patent Court.


The law on patents does not state that software patents cannot be granted and wording makes it possible to interpret the law to allow granting software patents (chapter 5, §15, 3).

Full text can be found here: (in Danish) Denmark's patent legislation.

Bill Gates threatens Denmark

In February 2005, a few months before the European Parliament's second vote on the EU software patents directive, Bill Gates met with the Prime Minister of Denmark plus two government Ministers. At the meeting, Gates threatened to fire 800 Danish software developers: "I must have clarity on the rights issue. Otherwise I will move to the US, where I can protect my rights".[2]

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