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Sweden is part of the European Union and is a signatory of the European Patent Convention.

The Swedish government, during its 2009 presidency of the European Union pushed hard (without success) in 2009 to get agreement on the United Patent Litigation System.

In 2003, the Swedish government lobbied for software patents, criticising the European Parliament for amending the EU software patents directive.[1]


Sweden is a signatory to the European Patent Convention.

Statutory law

The Patents Act (1967:837) defines the exclusive rights available for the exploitation of inventions in Sweden.

Courts system

Applications for patents are filed with the Swedish Patent and Registration Office (Patent- och registreringsverket, PRV).

Decisions by the PRV may be appealed against to the Court of Patent Appeals (Patentbesvärsrätten, PBR).[2]

Decisions by the PBR may be appealed against to the Supreme Administrative Court of Sweden (Regeringsrätten, RR).

Case law

There is no known case law regarding software patents in Sweden.

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