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Patent Absurdity/Subtitles

Got subtitles? Please post them up below... either make a page for them, link to a file on your own website, or send the file to

Questions: The best way to ask questions about subtitles is by emailing

Subtitles should be in .srt format.

To correctly copy the subtitle text click "edit" and then copy the text to an .srt file.



Luca Lucarini says: "I give permission for anyone to post translations of the movie as long as they are faithful to the orginal"

Please license your subtitles under the Creative Commons Attribution license: CC-BY (Do not use "non-commercial (NC)", this would prevent the film from being shown at film festivals, and would prevent other useful uses of the film. The "share-alike (SA)" would also be problematic because the video itself is not modifiable.