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  1. Australian consultation responses 2009
  2. Free software
  3. Microsoft Community Promise, and the OSP
  4. Novell-Microsoft patent deals
  5. Patent non-aggression pacts
  6. Patent office practice in the UK
  7. Patent standards here are higher than in the USA
  8. Patents possibly violated by
  9. Protecting small inventors myth
  10. Storyline and fashion patents
  11. Ogg Theora

Countries and regions

Series overview: Countries and regions


Series overview: Studies on economics and innovation


Series overview: Category:People


Series overview: Category:Organisations

Litigation and case law

Series overview: Litigation

Books and videos

Series overview: Books about software and patents

Example patents

Series overview: Example software patents

Arguments and problems

Series overview: Arguments


Current events and history

Software and standards harmed




Series overview: Bilski overview

Working on proposals

Campaigning and explaining

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  1. List of patents that appear invalid with reasoning
  2. Blank form